Future Web has the perfect solution for your data storage. We offer complete data recovery and backup service on a low cost

In modern days we tend to keep all our data on our computers, smart phones, tablets etc. The problem comes when something goes wrong with your computer and when you lose all saved data on your hard drive.  Do not let this happen to you let our experts from Future Web help you secure your data before being too late. If you your computer is not functional and you did not had any backup copies of your data we can help out with your problem. At Future Web we use sophisticated software that is able to extract the data stored on your hard drive even if your computer is not working anymore. We guarantee 99% success rate when extracting your data from out of order computers. Contact Future Web today and let us help you out restore and preserve all of your most favourite music, photos and other files in a secure way.

Included in this package are the following:

  • We will back up or transfer your files from one pc to another
  • We will install high quality backup software of your system
  • Schedule regular backups for your system
  • Create a copy in form of DVD or Flash USB drive with all your important files.