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What is Future Web Digital Agency?

Future Web Digital Agency is a internet company based in Montreal, Canada that offers different internet and web services. We are composed by a very passionate, about technology and the internet, team of young talented persons. At Future Web, we live, breath, eat and drink IT twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We are fully dedicated to this business and the most important is that we love what we do. As we say at Future Web, technology is in our veins.

We are known mostly for our web design and web development service, but we also offer services such as web applications development, IT consultation and solutions to companies. Marketing solutions for any type of need. We are also well known for our SEM and SEO professionalism in the web industry. Least but not last, we offer product development to enterprises and businesses.

Why you should choose Future Web?

  1. Future Web is a company that has in first priority the client satisfaction.
  2. Future Web deliver high quality service to every single customer that we work with. See it for yourself.
  3. We listen to every single of your needs and we take in consideration every aspect of your project so that at the end the results are up to your expectations.
  4. At Future Web we work with integrity and this makes a big difference in terms of satisfaction for our clients.
  5. We first deliver the product and than charge the client. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with the products that we offer and our policy is to first create the products and not to charge right away the service.

How long would it take for my project to be completed?

Depending of the size of the project it might take between a few hours and several weeks for your project to be completed. All the team that works at Future Web is taking time constraints very seriously and we always deliver all our projects in the time limits imposed by the customers.

Does Future Web offer creative service?

Yes, at Future Web we design, create, program and we market your product. We have a great team of passionate creative designers that are waiting for your projects and they will transform your dream into reality.

What types of websites do you develop and design at Future Web Digital Agency?

Basically at Future Web we have no limits in terms of different types of website development. We can develop anything from the most simple one page website to the most complex interactive website with clean coding and friendly UI, so that you customers and you as a client will have a pleasing experience while using our product.

With what type of businesses does Future Web work?

At Future Web we try to cover the biggest variety of business types therefore we can not say that we do not work in a certain frame of industries and business. We serve clients from different industries. A few examples are: the Retail and Sales, the Financial, the Construction, Health industry, Administrative, Hotel and tourism, Engineering industry and the transportation industry. Contact Future Web for more information.

Does Future Web Digital Agency offer service support?

YES, Future Web is offering after development support for the majority of the services and products. Contact Future Web for further information on support plans.

Does Future Web includes products database for e-commerce websites?

No, the database for your e-commerce is not included by Future Web, this means that Future Web will integrate a few demo products into your catalog, but will not fully have all your products listed in the database. The database integration service is a separate service that is not included in the base price for the website development. Please contact Future Web for further information on that matter.

Do I get to customize my website design?

Yes, when we first meat any client we always ask questions and we listen actively so that we get an idea of what the project will be about. If it is a website project than we show examples of several designs to our client and he is choosing the one that suits his needs the best. We than create the core of the website and we modify the website to the clients needs if necessary. Usually for medium type websites we make your project in three stages. Initial — Approval — Final.

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Our skills:

Development 90%
WordPress 85%
Marketing 80%
Photography 58%

Key services:


Future web provides to you high quality professionals that will bring your photo session to the highest possible level of perfection. From the photo shoot to the digital retouch leave Future Web Digital Agency take care of your photo needs.


Future Web offers copywriting solutions for your needs. We can build and create any type of content for your business or personal needs.

Marketing & Branding

Future Web offers professional marketing, PR and branding services for any need. With Future Web marketing service your business is going to achieve the next level.