We design high quality HTML websites for your needs. The HTML website is great for any small business. The HTML website suits all your basic needs. It will look great and will promote the core of your business.

It is perfect for businesses such as law firms, real estate agents and self-employed persons who are seeking a one to five pages simple website to promote their services. The HTML website will be a static website and the content is limited to the original content developed by Future Web. It is not easy to change the content inside the website once the website has been done.

Pros of HTML website:

  • Not very high in price
  • Simple and professional looking
  • You have nothing to do once the website is up and running
  • No need for updating constantly the website
  • Faster loading time due to the light weight of the HTML website


Cons of the HTML website

  • Not suited for a lot of content
  • The content cannot be managed by the customer compared to a CMS website where content can be modified
  • If a customer wants to modify the content there is a need for him to understand the structure and the language of HTML
  • The HTML website is static
  • Fixed number of pages on the website


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